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[News] 090303 Update on Jung Min’s ankle surgery

Posted on: March 3, 2009

090301 [news] Park Jung Min hurt his ankle

090303 [news] Park Jung Min’s surgery successful

Translation: Sparkskey@livejournal

Thanks to lee-yana@Quainte501.com


42 Responses to "[News] 090303 Update on Jung Min’s ankle surgery"

Get well soon Jungmin…

i missed you Jung Min Mal, hope you recover soon, take care

oooooooh wonder …….
i love you jung min

정민아… 또 아프지마…

Are you feelin better now?

jung min oppa is wonderfull

Aww damn he’s really charismatic <33

Jung Min !!! hope you get well soon ! hav a EXTREME good rest and make sure you recover !


Jung Min get well soon (:
Saranghae. Please come to Singapore. (:

Jung Min… How are you now? you should’ve been fine, right? ^^

Wow….Park Jung Min is so cute

please send me his own yahoo Id.please.please

& also Is it right that kim hyun joong got sick???

the first i want say iam iranian!
jung min i think yuo can be so beter(yuo are so cute)
good luck!
jung min fighting!

hello park jung min..how are you now?I have now a surgical saw. I would like God
That you get well faster. Can rest good to not get worse.

Loving you Hmygy Fatemeh. molaei of Iran

Saranghae Jung Min oppa!!Get Well soon!!


Hv a good rest:) saranghae:D

.,.get well soon jungmin..

get well soon jungmin

JunG mIn., ganbatte!!

nice pict 🙂 good luck yaa…

nice pict 🙂 good luck yaaa


Happy Birthday Jung Min

I tell you about a good story.Sometime , a beautiful queen & a ugly monkey stay online.A queen write a letter.But a monkey read a letter.Do you know ,who’s a monkey?.It’s a jock.HA HA HAAAA.By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNG MIN.Full your wishes in your birthday.May I come to you,to cerebrate your birthday? I’m queen.SS501 is kind.We’r the same point.Can I match with ss501?Don’t worry.I want to be just a best friend.

park jung min…

do SS501 had been to malaysia.. please someone answer me..huhu

ooo.. oppa u should see what ur doing to my heart with that smiling of urs

take care of ur self…. please..

how join in your blog ?

coz i like it SS501……………………


hi park joong min i love you i live in iran

sarang hae yo ..

i think jung min oppa can be the very best sexy charismatic person..!!

get well soon jung min oppa ❤ saranghaeyo<3<3

u know really u are the best
oooopaaaaaaaaaaa!.tres heureux de vous voir.posso fare!bonne chance.

i love ss 501

park jungmin is cute…..
i miss u
i love you oppa

Jung Min please come back veeeeeeeeeeery quick!
really he’s pretty!

sallam jiho man easheghe to am omid varam ke halet khob bashe va omid varam ke to va gorohe ss501 be iran biaind.
I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!

hiiiiiiiii ooooooooohhhhhh myyyyyy gooooood.why park jung min????iiii soooo sad now.park jung min fiting.please send me his own yahoo Id.please.please.please.and yahoo id kim hyung jun pleaseeeeeeee.

hiiii i very very very very very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy love young saeng .please send me his yahoo id.please.please.pleaseplease.please.pleaseplease.please.pleaseplease.please.pleaseplease.please.please.saraganda young saeng.heo young saeng fitingggggggg.ss501=my love

hiiiiiii kim hyung jun veeeryyyyyyyyyyyyy loveeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.i want your yahoo id.please

hiiii hyung jun oppaaaaaaa.i hope u always be safety .my dear kim hyung junnnnnnnnnnn.

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