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[Diary] 090305 Kim Hyun Joong’s message

Posted on: March 5, 2009

[Diary] 090305 Kim Hyun Joong ‘…………………….’

Source: ss501.dspenter.com

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hope this message would get to kim hyun joon shi, i heard that he is very tired and has back pain i wish that he would get better and healthy and all the best for the future, he is a hardworking and a very determined person to achieve his goals and i trully admire him.best of luck kim hyun joong.

newbie here…
good luck to all member…

I love SS501’s music and style. Classy. I love you in Boys Over Flowers, I wish you the very best in the future with your acting and music. Aloha!

nothing to say..
coz u all a wonderfull group..
u all do a great job..

Kim Hyun Joong, Figthing………….


i think all of things that you’ve done can describe to us how strong n Great you are, but recently your face looks pale. I’m so sad..hikz. Keep figHting!!wish u always health n success..

I just wanna say good luck and fighting to SS501 especially to Kim Hyun Joong..
I’ll support SS501 and I hope someday I’ll be able to meet them eheheh…

Kim Hyun Joong fighting……..

Saranghaeyo SS501 GOOD LUCK 😀

To SS501..

You guys rocks!
love all your band..
i’m love you all! hehe..

Kim Hyun Joong..
you are so cute!! Fighting!!

SS501!! Fighting!!

Hyun Joong Oppa!
Young Saeng Oppa!
Kyu Jong Oppa!
Hyung Joon Oppa!
Jung Min Oppa!



현중아… 아무래도 바뻐, 꼭 겅강하게 사세요…
넌 앞으면, 팬들이 얼마나 슬플거예요…

Just came across a news which saying that kim hyun joong fainted in Thailand..AGAIN!
Mr. Kim Hyun Joong, please take care of yourself…be strong…take more rest/take rest when it’s necessary…休息是为了走更长远的路! MUST TAKE GOOD CARE...bless you..

Health is always the number 1 precious staff of everybody’s life…Without healthy, you would loose other things, in fact most of the things…know your priority, Hyun Joong…hope you would understand this…



we ‘re arabien love you so much..

you can’t belive how much love you..

Kim Hyun Joong FIGHTING!
get better soon!

I Love you Kim Hyun Joong FIGHTING*****!

hope you get well soon hj..take care

Hello all oppa . I love ss501 very much in spite of i don’t know anything about korean but your songs alway absorb me day by day . i think i am going to learn korean thought your songs .
ss501 always in my heart .
all oppa fighting .


juz wanna tell u guys that the hard work u’ve put in these years has not been in vain as we hear all of asia cheering for you.. *claps*

hope u have enjoyed your journey as much as i have enjoyed watching every clip about u guys.. it always makes me happy to hear yr songs.. please keep on making fabulous music that rock my world.. though i need translations for em.. -_-” But rest well too.. sick boys cnot play pranks, HJL oppa.. love yr mischiefs..

I’ll always be cheering for you.. love u!!

hello!! i hope you and your band will visit philippines soon!!! we’d really love if you will perform here!!! filipinos love you very much!!! take care—kafiteei

sumbae, take care always remember philippines is waiting for you.


hmmm, kim hyun joong is mine not yours, cheeee,,,,

hello again ^_^ hows lyf? u know kim hyun joong ur so very handsome and cute, hup u can come hir in philippines

i love u mwah, mwah

just keep your fans love you always……

i love you so much….
and i love ss501….

hope he can be the great singer whole the world 🙂
laike JAcko 😀

love hyunj Joong oppa somuch ..
saranghamnida 😀

i really want to see SS501 performing in stage live..someone could help me out..pls….i hope to see you soon guys…Godbless to your career and stay good and make us love you more…

kim hyun joong love you so much same to the rest of the SS501 members…..SARANGHAEYO!!! ^_^

love to have your Dejavu & Urman albums but don’t know how.

why is hard to get your up date news on current condition after H1N1, we miss you, KHJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

kyu …fighting…i want come to korea …so i try the english language and japanese langaung..u can speak janpanese,,,i’m myanmar girl….i very like your song brother kyu jong…i vrey like your song”never let u go”…you are in my heart bro:Pls come on join in…Reply >>>Pls

Heiii…sorry im not a member of ss501…but im theyre great fan….please if you want a friend to chat abaut them….sent me a mail on my e-mail adress anamarija.abbalove@gmail.com

Hyun Joong eres como un agelito caido del cielo

I love ss501 so much. I hope you’ll come to Vietnam in your concert
ss501 fighting! Sarangheayo ss501

ss501 I love you Iwant you came to my country in American please…..!

Hi, Hyun Joong
I love you and I like you so much.
Take care your health. I like your song in your concert.
I like your group ‘SS501’ too.
Your so cutey,handsome and your very smart in ‘Boys Over flowers’
Fighting ! Sadannge O Pa!

Hi all members of Ss501!!! I love your songs! they really make me wanna hear it again and again!!! and to Kim Hyun Joong you look great in Boys over Flowers!!!!To all members of Ss501 take are of your health…And one more thing ..Keep Fighting!! All the best to Ss501!!!! Please come to Malaysia pls Ss501!!! Sarangheayo Ss501!!!!!!

I LOve SS501 I’a Gun come from Thailand

I cheer up you. HJ

I think ss501 is great

I hope the best for them

I wonder what destiny has instored for them in the future

to:kim hyun joong

hi,i am a big fan of u kim hyun joong. i heard that u r very tired this day because the asia tour and bbf/bof. i know that that is very important to u but your health is even more important i just wish after of this u can get some rest and relax.please take care

love:pey wen your biggest fan:)

kim hyun joong i love you so much.

Luv U… saranghae:)

cayyo cayyo
ka hyun
i love you….. Ss501 forever
🙂 always

from ratna triple s

Dear Kim,

I want to see yr current or resent photo to my mail box
always hopping.

pareces un angel que llego para iluminar mi vida KIM HYUN

you have a wonderful site!

hi,may name is hanie im 14 years old and i like your music, becase its so nice. im from iran but i love korea cantry, actor, food ,langoueg, eye, music ,and every thing just korea, your grop its so hand sam, i like come to korea cantry and see your grop but i cant becase im not big . i like speak korea with you but i cant. i see very korea film and music b case i love korea. i want sey u every thing but i cant becase i cant speak english very well.sorry.bye

i like chat for you and talk for you please send email with me .i know you are so bizzy but potakeooo ,,,,,,,,naa chomal saranehoo,,,,,,,comaooo hion,,,,,,,,i know you cant come to iran but please ………..i need your email addres.

please answer me potekteroooo mida

Kim Hyun Joong ~
Saranghaeyo SS501 GOOD LUCK

hiiiiiii ss501.i hope you send 4 me your imail .i love korea.i very love ss501 and very very love kim hyung jun.for kim hyung jun:saaaaaaraaaaaaagaaaaaandaaaaaaaa.chombel sarangeyo.chija sarangeyo.and all of ss501 in my heart 4 ever.

ss501 ilove you and please answer me.thank you for your band

i love hyung joon very much i want to see you

hyung joooooooooooooooooon i love you

hi hyun joong you are very good in your music

Hello! With hopefully i think it is not silly that I write to you and wait for an answer. I’m not a fan, but I’m interested in what you do. I saw a couple of your roles, but didn’t understand what really you are. I’m from Central Asia. our mentality is such that a famous person in our country is very arrogant behave as if they are better than others. At least I do not like such people. I would like to know if we can connect each other but if you want. I had a choice to go in the summer in Korea or the United States. but I chose the United States. Now I’m sorry =(((

kim hyun joong

to kim hyun joong : i’m a girl from iran and so wishes to see you right by my side . but this is so hard . i used to wait for someone that i love , but now i know this is useless . kim hyun joong , i have changed my world becuase of you . i don’t want make mistakes for you but i hope to have message from you in my yahoo mail .

oh , kim hyung joong , he’s so sweet when he take care of kim hyung jun baby . Maybe he’ll cry when he see this message . Hi I’m triples , too . I’m from viet nam and i always wish to have a change to meet ss501 oppa . But ss501 never come to my country . And now , i just want to say . I love ss501 so much , i’m always luv you 4ever and ever.

kim hyun joong i just wanna say I LOVE YOU KIM HYUN JOONG

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