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[Pics] 090227 HyunJoong at Baeksang Awards

Posted on: February 27, 2009

090227 Kim Hyun Joong at Baeksang Awards

Congratulations Hyun Joongie for winning Popularity Award!


현중아 축하해 ^^;;


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17 Responses to "[Pics] 090227 HyunJoong at Baeksang Awards"

Congrats Hyun Joong

Keep on smiling coz your smile melts my heart and everyone else im sure.

Hyun Joong hwaiting!

sooo cute!!!! oh and Kim So Eun won two…..awesome

YAY!!! He deserves this!! FIGHTING!!

kim hyun joong oppa,,,

kim hyun joong i love u! hope ur doing well… good luck

why must yoona? 😦

YAY!!! He deserves this!! FIGHTING!!
Luv u…

sumbae, congratulations; your million smile made you popular.

just be cool always…..

jeck from phils.

kim hyun joong

The best actor in my life hope you can act more than words.And hope ur SS501 boys band will be famous each day by day .ur fan always and forever


Hey…I’m surprised to see the picture, I just find out that Kim Hyun Joong and Kim So Eun could be a cute couple too. I think they’re cute..

I really really feel happy when I heard that you won the award. Congratulation! But keep trying. When you feel tired think about us. Open this website and read our mail to you . I really hope that our mail can give you some strange. I really wish you to come and invite me in my account. My account name is
“waingkhinkhinoo@gmail.com” and another account name is
“lovelywaing@gmail.com”. Can i know your g.talk account ?

Please send me back a reply. I don’t understand Korean Language. Because I am from Myanmar. But I understand English.

i am very happy for ur success oppa. Try more.I wish u that u can

get more awards in ur acting & singing.can i get ur account please? i am ur no.1 fan in myanmar.

keep on smiling hyun joong

forever f4 FIGHTING!!!

hi Iam an Iranian fan of ss501 especially leader kim hyun joong many fans in Iran love him.I think they should have given him more awards because he is a great master in art .

hi kim hyun joong I am agirl from Iran.Ilove you so much.YOU are very intelligent and talented.You have many fans in Iran .I am aphysician so Iask you to take care of your health .Never use sleeping pills.AND besides it is better to drink less.Alcohol is bad for your liver and heart pancreas and YOUR BEAUTY.Have a nice life.ENJOY YOUR POPULARITY.You deserve best.

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my browser chrome. I’d highly suggest having someone look into it. You can easily lose a lot of site visitors due to this issue. Very best of Luck.

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