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[Pics] Kyu Jongs family pictures

Posted on: February 27, 2009


Credits: 501dong.com

Meet his Dad, Mom and lil sis


33 Responses to "[Pics] Kyu Jongs family pictures"

was the family pics were shoot for magazine? coz it doesn’t look like an ordinary pic..

now i know where he gets the pretty look XD

wow his parents look so young. especially his mom looks young. his sister looks pretty. his sis looks more like the dad and he looks more like his mom. he has a cute family.

thanks for sharing.

wow…his whole family is beautiful!!!!!
and he was a country boy……dang……..
hot hot

His family very awesome…. Thanks 4 sharing!!! I luv kyu jongie…

his parent look so young…thank for sharing!!

O.O wow his mom looks really young..O.O i thought it would be his older sis….^^

Well yeah now we know where gets his looks from ^^

Hes mega cute…
hiz sis iz really prety. her name iz 김 은 아.

kyu jong family..his sister’s pretty

Gosh…….. is that his real family…….
He looks like his mom.
His sister is pretty.
Thanks 4 sharing

he looks like his mom, especially when he smiles… kyu jong ah, saranghae…

wow… his whole family look like celebrities… no wonder he’s so HOT

awww……they’ve all got that pretty smile!

oh yeah there wearing matching clothes too! how cute!

his real family?
his father look familiar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi!!! to the family of kim hyun joong, you look like on celebrity specialy his mother really look young and beautiful

i thought his mom is his sister, cause she really look young

Both siblings look like their mother.. Kyu Jong is so kawaii!!!
Kyu Jong Hwaiting!


kyu”s cute here. and all of them look alike.xD

wow……he really does look like his mum, he even has his mum’s nose and mouth (not sure about the eyes)…….kyu jong looks the best tho

Kyu Jong’s mum looks sooo young and pretty!!! No wonder Kyu Jong and his sister has such pretty faces! How old and what is his sister’s name? ~^^~

kyu jong is soo handsome i love him soo much! kyu jong sarranghae!

kyu is very cute!ur sis is pretty.i think kyu lip look lite ur mom..i very like your family…i love kyu..i very llove ss 501..pls can u join me…

Wow… both the parents are pretty & handsome so that Hyun Joong and his sister are pretty and handsome too…

Theyre such a cute family! ^^
o.o His mum is soo young…

i think kyu jong looks like his mom… how sweet… his lil sis is pretty too… now i know where he takes the looks from…

omg his family is so nice!there wearing mathcing clothes how cute!they all hav tat charming smile of his!saranghae kyujong

i wish i was his lil sis 😦 his lil so lucky !!!

sweet family………

sweet family…………

iso cute kyu jong oppa and his sister

i love her sister,she is so pretty:)

Oh my~~ Good looking family… XD
His mother and his sister are really pretty..
His father also look handsome.. =P
But, I like his mother and his sister…
Happy Family.. ^^

It’s nice to see you with your family as i wanna see ur family.. 🙂 today is March 8 2012 .. Kyu Jong , u know ? i have only seen u on March 5 2012,, i have only known SS501 on March 5 2012 … 😀 but you took my heart.. xD.. i’m a such a kind of metal fan.. but SS501 is the only one group that i love out of metal groups.. ❤ You.. Kyu jong..

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