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[Pics] 081002 SS501 2009 Desk calendar preview

Posted on: October 2, 2008

081002 SS501 2009 Desk calendar preview




Source: 501dong.com + Quainte501.com

In case youre interested to pre-order, Mindy (US) from Quainte is taking orders -> http://z14.invisionfree.com/Quainte/index.php?showtopic=7413

Will also post the info under “Merchandise” section.


19 Responses to "[Pics] 081002 SS501 2009 Desk calendar preview"

They are so cute!!!!!

Really like these pics so much.

Thanks for sharing.

omo!!! they’re so cute!!

especially on the bed pic XD


DemasiadO preciOsOs!!!!!


AmazinG pIcs!!!

They loOk sO cutE.. sO sweEt!!! *o*

mY Kim Hyun…. sO prettY!!!

I LUv THeM!!!

SS501 r thE BeST!!!


aren’t they just the most adorable thing ever?!

omg, i love u guys!

especially Kyu Jong =D

hello, i love a kyu jong e joong

ss501 fighting u r the best luv u so much oh………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again me and Susan have a same mind at the same time. Luv ss501 so much Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ss fans

hi,,,,,,,,,,,i love u ss501 and yuo are the best

i luv ss501…………………………… you must be a popular korean band in the worldsssssssss………………

i really really ……….re…..love ss5@1 so…much …i would really to copy all ur photo 4 looking everyday

ang aangas nila hoooooooooooo

hhhhhhooooooooo ji hoo

son guapísimos me gusta sus canciones como deja bu
a bu

youi know kim hyun joong your so very 2x sweet pictures…………..

~~~ I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information ..`

ss501 los amo

ss501 the nicest guys I love park jung min especially

guauuuuuuuuu son los mejores me gustan mucho sus canciones

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