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[News] 081001 Kim Hyun Joong takes the role of RUI

Posted on: October 2, 2008

Meet your Korean F4

  • First is F4 leader in the Tsukasa role, aka actor Lee Min-ho (above left).
  • Kim Hyun-joong, idol singer of pop boy band SS501, takes on the role of Rui.
  • Kim Bum (!!!), at above right, is most recently of East of Eden and the biggest surprise for me ― and a pleasant one at that, since he’s proved he can act. He’s Soujiro.
  • And, finally, Kim Joon is the least-known of the F4 boys, as Akira.

Source: dramabeans.com



4 Responses to "[News] 081001 Kim Hyun Joong takes the role of RUI"

looking forward to see joong’s acting!!!
and way to go, leader!


mY Kim havE thE bEst rOle!!!! *o*

I’m hEavEn rigHt nOw >o<

pretty boys!!!!! kim hyun joong…wat to goooo…

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Kim Hyun Joong on KBS 'Boys over Flowers' :: Mon-Tues on KBS


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