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[Pics] SS501 on Korean Music magazine – scans

Posted on: September 3, 2008


>>Download all 20 photos in zip file<<

Credits: blog.naver.com/ss_hjkjh_one
Source: 501dong.com + ss501.wordpress.com

Awwww… tooo many HyunSaeng-HyunSaengKyu shots <333333333333333333333333 :hyperventilates:

Loads of handsome-ness after the jump!



10 Responses to "[Pics] SS501 on Korean Music magazine – scans"

Very nive pics ^^
I love the Leader’s skulls 😉

Thanks to share it 😛

aww..these pics are so nice..thanks for sharing!SS501 Fighting!

thanks a lot!

i really dunt like hyunjoong’s hair in these pics
but everyone still looks very nice

thank you! jungmin’s bright bright smile :DDDD

Thanks a lot for sharing.

They’re so cute!!!!

thx ^^ im downloading ^^

I like korean boys but you are a boy very special,i like your stile of your life,and i like because you always smile,certainly anybody has problems sometimes and we can’t smile but you nearly smile!this is my opinion!!!!!!For that many girls like you!!!!!!You make a obsesion for many girls!!!!I don’t know you can see this meseage,but i hope so!!!!!!BYE

ss501 very very perfect

Hyo young saeng i like you….

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