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[VID] Download SS501 old performances Part 2

Posted on: August 27, 2008

Sorry, it took me a bit of time to upload the 2nd batch. I’m not in the fangirl mode lately T_T Anyhow, we’ll add more performances once i’m done uploading.


S.T.01 1st Album Performances

061109 Mnet Countdown – SS501 Comeback 4Chance, Again and Unlock
061126 SBS Inkigayo – Unlock
061203 KBS Music Bank – Unlock
061203 SBS Inkigayo – Unlock
061217 KBS Music Bank – 4Chance
070224 MBC Music Core – Coward
070317 MBC Music Core Goodbye Special – Bye Bye and Coward {with Brian of FTTS}
070318 SBS Inkigayo – Coward

061118 MBC Music Core 2MC Dance {Kim Hyun Joong and Brian of FTTS}
070219 MBC Gayo Special – Hyun Joong, Tablo, Brian and Park Sang Min “Haengbogeul Teulipnida”

Credits: SS601.com + Quainte501 + https://ss501.wordpress.com

Coming soon

061118 MBC Music Core SS501 Comeback – Unlock and Again
070128 SBS Inkigayo – 4Chance + Mutizen award
070128 KBS Open Concert – DJ Doc Cover ‘Winter Story’
070204 KBS Music Bank SS501 Special Stage
070219 MBC Gayo Special SS501 – Sobangcha cover
070224 KBS Love Request – Wings of the World
070304 KBS Music Bank Special Stage with Brian of FTTS
070329 Mnet Countdown SS501 Adieu Special – 4Chance, Fighter and Unlock
070811 Mnet Countdown Japan – Confession


8 Responses to "[VID] Download SS501 old performances Part 2"

thanks! I don’t have many of their earlier performances!

btw who drew all over baby’s face? XD
Is that even baby? It’s so vandalized I can’t even tell LOL

^ I believe its Jung Min who vandalized baby’s pic XDDD
You can check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIwz6A4DQEg
Well, Baby did vandalized Hyun Joong’s face too.

awww! i love the pic
thanks sooo much for the perfs!

wahhh ! thankyou XD i’m collecting their perfs
like crazy lolz . Newbie here so i don’t have
alot of their old perfs so yayay ! thanks for
your hardwork !

^^ thanks so much for the performances

thx so much….
i have already download all perf u upload.
thx so much…
waiting for season 3.. yaiiiii confession perf.. ^^

thaaanks for the videos but when is part 3 coming out ?

thanks again! very much appreciated it! I was wondering if those coming soon videos were ever uploaded and if so, where might I find them? Thanks!

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