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[Download] SS501 old performances part 1

Posted on: August 6, 2008

Since there’s a lot of newbies lately and YT’s crackdown on SBS videos, I’ve decided to upload these old performances for you guys to enjoy. I will upload 1st album performances and more of their covers next time. All videos posted in HQ. A simple ‘thank you’ is appreciated when taking the links.

1st Single

050609 Mnet Countdown SS501 – Warning

050821 SBS Inkigayo SS501 – NeverAgain

051021 MBC MCore SS501 – Everything

2nd Single

051211 SBS Inkigayo Comeback Special – Snow Prince

060212 SBS Inkigayo SS501-Fighter

060619 MBC 2006 Germany Worldcup Victory Korea – Fighter

S.T.01 NOW: 061125 2006 MKMF – Unlock


060930 MBC Campus Song Fest 2006 – Run to you + encore {with Brian of FTTS}

061202 MBC 45th Anniversary SS501 – Sechkies’ Couple

Credits: https://ss501.wordpress.com

Thanks to SS601.com + Quainte501.com


31 Responses to "[Download] SS501 old performances part 1"

thanks for sharing…there are a lot of files…


Always Love SS501

So cool!

thank you for sharing these 🙂
yay you have the 45th anniversary performance I’ve been looking for that one and couldn’t find a good one. thanks x infinity! :DD

Thank U very much ^^

Arigato Gosaimasu ^^

Muxas Gracias ^^

Muito Obrigada ^^

Viel Danke ^^



thanks soo much!
i’ve been wanting to see these lateley

Thank you sweetie!!!!

You shared the videos that I wanted to get. It’s exactly what I was looking for!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much for sharing this <333

Whoaaa thanks a lot for the old performances!

Thank u so much..^^
i like ss501 so much..

thankz for all these old perfs

thx u so much….
i m very happy cos i can donload ss501’s old performance
o yea do you can upload ss501’s old comebackstage.. i have been looking every where
i really like ‘again’.. or confession.. can u upload that perf too?
i m sorry.. hehehehhe…

ok waiting for SS501 old performances part 2.. yaiiiii…^^


Yes, will upload the 1st album comeback stage in part 2 of this project : )
I will also include ‘Confession’ performance from Mnet Countdown Japan.

halo snajper..
i m sory.. u have u tube account? or u have upload these in any other media except divshare? example share bee.. send space or media fire.. i cant upload from CB too..
i cant donload from divshare..
bcause.. it cant be worked for china or southasia IP adress.. i don’t know why..
i m sory… i really want download this performance.. thx so muchhh…^^

thanks xD


Yes i do have youtube account (snajper67) and worried for 2nd suspension so im not uploading anything at the moment.
I noticed that Divshare doesnt work for SEA countries as well so im now uploading via MU or sendspace. Mediafire only accepts less than 100MB videos and most of my file exceeds more than that. Maybe i’ll try sharebee too^^
Im on my Part 2 of the project. Will try to include these Divshare in the next batch.

hi snajper..
thx so much 4 sharing old performance from ss501
i m new fans of them
im very addicted now.. to watch and donload perf from them…**like newbie crazie fans T___T**
i can’t donload some file from divshare too
bcoz i m from indonesia.. one of the SEA countries ^^
i think u can upload in MU for the perf exceeds more than 100 mb
but thx for those performance are being uploaded in media fire..
you rockssssss!!!!! thankyou so much.. very appreciated it… ^^
SS501 = LOVE ^^

o yeahhhh..
i’m waiting for ss501 old performace part 2 too…
yaiiii.. hwaitingggggg !!!!!

Thx so much..
Waiting for next project.. ^^

thankyou so much ! i’ve been looking for their
old perfs EVERYWHERE ! & this is not in cb so im happy 🙂

oh.. thank u so much…^^

Bambie Unnie.. thanks a lot for sharing these old perfs.. I’m snagging some.. ^^
wanna ask you sth.. abt this perf: 060212.SBS.Inkigayo-SS501-Fighter
I just can hear the audio.. the video is all black.. O_O
is it codec problem or sth? >___<

Thank you for the great links, I am a new fan. And with all these goodies, I will be even more addicted :o)

thank youu,
these are great (:

thanx a lot!!!
I’ve been lookinf for these performances forever…..
btw, do you have my girl performances???
I really like that song…
thanx a lot!!!
love SS501!!!

thanx a lot!!!
I’ve been looking for these performances forever…..
btw, do you have “my girl” performances???
I really like that song…
thanx a lot!!!
love SS501!!!

oh my…
I want to DL unlock performance…
divshare hates me…
I can’t DL from divshare…
will u please upload it into MF???
really2 thanx…

thanks a lot!! 🙂

Thank you for the goodies.

thanks a lot! i just started liking ss501 from their rebirth album and it’s nice to see some of their old performances!

thank you so much for all the links. it’s really nice of you to share them with us newbies.

now i have some vids to put on my ipod! YAY

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