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[AUD] SS501 Youngstreet Radio live performances

Posted on: July 8, 2008

My Pimp Post Project #2 “Youngstreet Edition”

^ SS401 – “In Your Smile” live on Youngstreet

SS501 – Bogoshipda [Download] [Youtube]
SS501 – Creep [Download] [Youtube]
SS501 – Fighter [Download]
SS501 – Im Coming [Download] [Youtube]
SS501 – Snow Prince and In your smile [Download] [Youtube]
SS501 – Snow Prince [Download]
SS501 – Warning 2006 ver [Download]
SS501 – Warning 2007 ver [Download] [Youtube]

SS501 – Youngstreet themesong “Radio Star” [Download]
Heo Young Saeng – Se7ens I will do well cover [Uploading] [Youtube]
Heo Young Saeng – Bogoshipda [Download] [Youtube]
Kim Hyun Joong – Tim’s Iyagi cover [Download]
Kim Hyung Joon – Back at One [Download]
Kim Hyung Joon – Just Once [Download]
Park Jung Min – Kiss Me Darling [Download]

+ Bonus

SS501 greetings in different tones

Thanks to SS601 + Quainte501.com + Snajper

SBS Youngstreet Radio was SS501’s Park Jung Min and Kim Kyu Jong’s radio show before they went to Japan in 2007. Kyu Jong replaced Young Saeng when the latter had to undergo surgery. He never came back as DJ but guesting occasionally.

I still haven’t uploaded everything I have. They are lost somewhere in my media player >_< So please check back this post from time to time. Thank you^^


2 Responses to "[AUD] SS501 Youngstreet Radio live performances"

can I know,, Youngstreet radio is over? why and when??

Waah, thanKYU very much! I’m looking for this all the time. Coz this is old radio program so kinda difficult for me to find it now. You’re such a great help! Thx 🙂

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