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[Gifs] Cute Gifs of SS501 in Deja Vu Japanese Version DVD!

Posted on: June 13, 2008

HAHA SUCH CUTE SS501 BOYS HAHAHA <3333!!!! they are always so dorky and crazy hahaha;; and btw… the last gif… is our saengy piggy back-ing leader XDD ❤

 waning: these gifs are kind of big in size… so it will take some time to load.. please be patience =)

ballerina jung min…!?!?! XD

ballerina jung min continued………………… hahha

To see more gifs of them during deja vu jacket shooting… click~!

jung min’s butt can’t fit in baby’s bicycle tray XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

yes.. this crazy.. dancing dude is leader.. HAHAHAHHA ..new dance for SS501? o_O?

baby too heavy for min’s bicycle?

baby being DRAGGGGED by jung min XDDD

now jung min is heavy… hahahhaa

woohoooo crazy leader dance part 2!! =DD XD

too tired jung min?? yesyes… LAY on kyu XDDD

look at our.. saengy go!! ahahhahaha yesyes piggy back leader =P

Credits: 肖肖@Doubles501.com


12 Responses to "[Gifs] Cute Gifs of SS501 in Deja Vu Japanese Version DVD!"

OMFG. YoungSaeng piggy backs Leader?! Wahahahahaha… Double 86 is alive once more.
LOL! Tom and Jerry XDDD And Min… kyaaaaa diva!!!! <33333

That Leaders dance… thats a part of Song Calling for You yah?
Thanks Polly~ Your “subtitles” cracks me up XDDD

I want the DVD! TT__TT

Well… It’s only me or this bike
is REALLY little to this guys ?

Takes to share it 😉

Thanks * to share it !

Sorry… 😛

Thank you very much for sharing it. Really fun to watch.
SS501 never fail to bring smile to me even on my stressed time.
SS501 fighting

is there anywhere i can watch the dvd?

Erm…sorry for asking….

About the last picture….
Saengie is piggy back-ing KyuJong..not leader.
I watched the DVD so many times already…

Hi jay501… I agree its KyuJong.
I checked the vid myself too.
It was just a bit confusing as Kyu’s jacket looks similar to HyunJoong.

Hi Snajper..
I think that KyuJong stole leader’s jacket^^
Haha…They can always share clothes because their size is about the same^^

where can i get the dvd?????
any download link?????

They ae so cool and cute XD~~

HAHAHA..they cute & fun ..i love the new leader dance ❤ ❤
T_T PLZ i wanna that DVD anyone can me ..?? PLZ GUYS

Nawww~ i think its KYU JONG on saengi’s back.. i saw the actually video clip for this

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