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[News] 080403 Leader KHJ’s Ankle injury

Posted on: April 3, 2008

Article from Naver News
Translations done by kyuminwings@Quainte501.com

[News] 080403 Leader Kim Hyun Joong’s Ankle injury

The condition got worse because of strenuous promotional activity, although people around him hold him back.
He’s going to stop his TV appearance and rest for a while.

Group SS501’s member Kim Hyunjoong quietly stopped all his promotional activity due to his ankle condition.

According the DSP entertainment, Kim Hyun Joong’s agents, “ His condition got worse, therefore as of April 1st, all of SS501’s schedule will resume without Hyunjoong. He will rest him at least more than a week, and only focus on his treatment.” On the 23rd, Hyunjoong fell down the stairs while preparing a rehearsal stage in one of the Music TV stations, result in rolling his left ankle severely. Although he got physical therapy and acupuncture, the condition was worsening. Though people around him tried to stop him, he kept dancing one the stage, which resulted in this hiatus in all his activities.

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4 Responses to "[News] 080403 Leader KHJ’s Ankle injury"

I was so upset when I found that out.
I mean… It’s taken weeks to realise that Leader needed rest!!
If he had rested before then, everything may have turned out for the better T_T
Thanks Yoonhee unni ❤

^Me too.
Why does he has to wait for his injuries to get worse before he will stop -_-
I hope it will not dampen his spirits though~
Hwaiting Joongie!!!

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Kim Hyun Joong it was so hardwoking of you to keep dancing even though you were in serious injury ….Hope you get better each day so

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